BOOked is a strategy game about ghosts haunting an hotel and scaring its visitors and employees, all to gain the favors of Satan.
Create a trail of ectoplasm from room to room, possessing as many people as you can to score points. Sacrifice your ghosts to Satan to be the first or the last player to play the round, or to bet on humans. Distract the bellboy who tries to comfort them so you can access any floor your cold heart desires. Beware of the ghost hunter and the sage leaves he throws around!
This design project was created alongside two colleagues. We all designed the game, from the ideation to the materials, the instructions and the sell sheet. I was primarily in charge of the level design for the board in photoshop and the sell sheet, but I also helped a little bit with the character art, and, most of all, participated in the ideation and design process equally with both of them.
The game is still in development, as we are currently working on finding a publisher.
Sell Sheet / instructions
Sell sheet
Sell Sheet


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