Hello there!
My name's Marjolaine and I'm a student in game design.
I graduated from CEGEP with a technical DEC in Multimedia. My passion for programming led me to a bachelor degree in computer science, but I switched midways to game design studies to focus on video games.
Games and game development intrigue me because they are an art that encompasses all forms of art. The combination of logic skills and creativity that it allows to develop feels perfect to me, as I am curious and a jack-of-all-trades by nature. I like to practice the basics of 3D and 2D art from time to time and I still enjoy programming and learning new coding techniques, even if I'm not in computer science anymore.
But every once in a while, I need a new challenge. I sometimes partake in game jams and I recently participated in the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition of 2023, for which my team and I won two awards : Best Game Design and Best Quality of the ''3Cs'', with our game Nuclear Rollout.
Apart from making games, I love music, drawing, travelling, cute and scary animals, and playing video games. I particularly enjoy management, simulations, action-adventure and puzzle games.
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