Hello there!
My name's Marjolaine and I'm a game design student.
I first completed a technical DEC in Multimedia before enrolling in computer science, out of my passion for programming. I chose to reorient myself before finishing my degree to focus specifically on games, and to discover a different aspect of game development, which led me in this current degree. Even though I haven't completed my computer science degree, I learned useful skills like coding in C++, Java, and other basic theory of programming. Not only that, but my love for coding is still strong, and I still code and learn new things when I have the opportunity.

Games and game development intrigue me because they are an art that encompasses all forms of art. The combination of logic skills and creativity that it allows to develop feels perfect to me, as I am curious and a jack-of-all-trades by nature. In terms of design, I especially love the gameplay and level design aspects and wish to work in a company that will allow me to grow my skills further.
My curiosity does not stop at design and coding though. Even if I rarely get the chance to learn about art, this is another aspect of game development that fascinates me. I learned how to use Photoshop and Blender to make basic 2D and 3D assets to support my projects and be more versatile. I've also participated in two game jams and am currently partaking in the Ubisoft Game Lab of this year to experience a new challenge.
Email: roym101@uqat.ca
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/marjolaine-roy
French or English
Apart from making games, I love music, drawing, and animals. Playing video games obviously takes a good part of my spare time, where I mostly play management and simulation games (like The Sims franchise and Prison Architect), action/adventure games (like Tomb Raider), platformers (like Ori & The blind Forest), and point&click games (like Unforeseen Incidents).
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